Most upgraded form of protection for your van

Vans usually do not have any interior protection so it is quite easy to badly damage the bodywork when loading and transporting goods, equipment and materials. A professional van is usually a victim of harsh usage which affects its look and life. You will most of the times dump a large amount of material in your van to be able to export it to a desired place, or also carry elements of use that are required for the task to be carried out. This act of harsh usage will cause immense damage to the interiors of your van and hence deteriorate its performance. With Syncro system van protection, the problem is over!

Expert workmanship offering steadfast services

Syncro System product range comprises many van protection products such as panel floors and side lining with marine laminated wood resin coated or chequered aluminium. The quality of material we use to build the interior of your can will enable you to extend its durability and also be less worried about dumping bulk material into your can. Carry as much as load you want without causing harm to the body of your vehicle.

Make your commercial van a total workshop

Syncro has also been an industry leader in providing extremely standardized van accessories to make the usage of your van more efficient. If you wish to equip your van with the modular 4wd drawer system or roof rack ladder, you can look no further to Syncro. Our staff is awaiting an opportunity to serve you to the best of their capabilities. We will also assist in terms of what exactly will fit your van well and also give you a wide range of options of colors, sizes and material to choose from.

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