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Full length top trays

Syncro System’s full length top trays represent the smart solution for carrying long items of equipment in your van without wasting an inch of valuable space!

So many needs, so many solutions. Syncro System and customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the pillars on which Syncro System has built its success. Syncro ensures customer satisfaction on a daily basis by listening to the needs of each individual customer and coming up with intelligent van racking solutions, tailored for the purpose. Over the years, the Syncro product catalogue for van storage and mobile workshop equipment has grown dramatically to cover all makes and models of van and to include a vast range of solutions to problems large and small.

The full length tray. What is it? How is it made? Where does it go in your van?

The full length tray is commonly referred to as the “top tray” because of its most popular location, on top of all the other cabinets, right under the van roof. It is designed to carry long items like pipes, posts and cable ducts, all of which demand a particularly long container.

The tray is open at the top, has raised long edges and a fold-down access door towards the back of the van. It can be installed at any height in the van but is generally placed on top of the other cabinets, where access to drawers and other kinds of shelf becomes more difficult. Customers derive two benefits from installing a top tray in this position: the tray not only provides the perfect location for longer items but also makes full use of a space that would otherwise be left unused.

The top tray is typically installed as the uppermost element of one or more columns of storage cabinets, but a special support is also available to allow it to be secured directly to the van’s side wall or to the Syncro van body lining. It can therefore be used independently of other storage modules if so required.

Technical characteristics of the top tray

The Syncro full length top tray:

  • Is made entirely from pressed, high strength steel and boasts a tough coating of oven-hardened powder paint
  • Has no internal dividers or mats
  • Comes in various lengths from 1014 mm to 4056 mm, and in widths of 216, 260 or 310 mm
  • Can be mounted directly on your van’s side wall using the SUP-GRA adjustable support.

Special features of the top tray access door

To remove an item from the top tray, you can either reach over the raised edge and lift the item out over the top, of you can release the catch and fold down the rear access door.

The rear access door comes with clear marks for cutting. If you need to install the top tray in a position that makes it impossible to open the door fully, it can be shaped with a hacksaw or grinder to create a partial opening and gain easy access to contents.

Other Syncro solutions for carrying long objects: roof racks and transport tubes

As you might expect from Syncro, the full length top tray is not the only solution for transporting pipes, cable channels and other long items, even though it is the ideal way of doing so inside the van.

Syncro also supplies:

  • Roof racks for use with straps and similar cargo lashing systems: the ideal way of making full use of the vehicle’s roof
  • Transport tubes: roof-mounted containers specially designed for carrying long objects, made in stainless steel and fitted with a lockable access door
  • Strap and hook lashing systems for installation inside the van, for use with all kinds of cargo
  • Can be mounted directly on your van’s side wall using the SUP-GRA adjustable support.

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