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Commercial Van Fitouts Melbourne

We have a full range of fitments available for your light commercial vehicle and have a fully trained team of professional fitters.

Our professional fitters can ensure that your custom van fit outs are implemented in such a way that they actually end up taking les space, while storing more items within. This effectively means that even after we have placed our commercial van fitouts, you will not have to worry about the lack of space in the van. In fact, you will actually have more space than you initially did when you were dealing with a clutter of tools and equipment. Simply tell our professional fitters about your requirements with your custom van fitouts and they will ensure that those requirements are implemented as per your specifications.

The amount of time that is wasted in searching for specific tools and equipment in a pile of clutter can be astounding, when you consider the number of jobs that a tradesman has to do in a specific day. Even worse is the inherent risk of injury as shifting through a pile of sharp objects is not a particularly enticing prospect for most tradesmen. You can put an end to wasting time because of missing tools or materials with our van fitouts in Melbourne. You can easily label the shelves and drawers, where a specific set of tools is kept and every single time the tools you require for a job, will always be within your grasp. This is one of the strongest benefits behind installing commercial van fitouts.

If you want shelves or racking for your van then look no further than the foremost proprietors, for custom van fitouts in Melbourne.

We have all the accessories, cabinets and racking required for a full van conversion. There are a large range of underfloor storage systems to maximise the use of space. With custom van fitouts you will not only increase your efficiency, but also are able to keep your tools in an organised manner. This goes a long way in creating a lasting impression on the client, as they are more likely to go with a tradesman who displays a sense of professionalism. This is why our van fitouts in Melbourne will not only help you with conducting your jobs in a much more simpler manner, but will also enable you to get more clients by exuding a sense of organisation and professionalism.

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Syncro System products and accessories are designed down to the smallest details to store safely and neatly all your goods and equipment.


You can view the Syncro catalogue. It is full of our van racking, shelving and storage solutions. We have everything from loading ramps to ladder racks, including storage bins, liquid containers and roof racks. If you need laptop storage check out this page. If it’s internal ladder racks that you’re after then have a look here.


Scroll through our complete photo/video gallery. Click on any 1 of our photos to enlarge the photo or click on our product videos to actually be able to visualise what the fitout or product looks like. Or you can view our design photos to be able to see how real our CAD drawings are when the fitout is completed.